GSD School of Drama offers one to one Elocution classes for children, young adults, and adults.

Please check out our S.M.P.P course for adults.


What is Elocution?

Simply put elocution is communicating clearly with good clear, crisp speech that is easily understood.

In elocution sessions we develop good articulation with clear delivery of speech.

We focus on all the elements of voice production to improve overall speech such as pitch, pace, rate, tone of voice and breath control.

Through our sessions we can soften or improve accents and balance out inflections.

For younger children bombarded with television. social media and a generally faster pace of life, learning to just breath, speak up with clarity of speech is especially important.

GSD elocution classes will help to build self-confidence, improve the overall clarity of speech, and build on all communication skills such as movement, hand gesture and eye contact.

One to One Elocution

Six-week term:   €72.00

***Currently only available online / zoom classes***