S.M.P.P – Public Speaking course

Eloquence presents its range of new courses for adults. These convenient one to one course are suitable for speakers of any level who wish to improve how they speech and present themselves.

Speech –

  • Through articulation exercises, pronunciation and enunciation students will improve their overall delivery.
  • The course will also soften and reduce accents and improve grammar.

Movement –

  • Understating body language and we physically communicate.
  • Posture, relaxation and breathing exercises to improve the overall power and intensity of the voice.
  • Resonance, vocal tone and overall volume.


  • Language and how we use it. Learning to better understand pause, phrasing of content, pitch and pace of delivery.
  • The magic of three- getting our point or message across in an effective manner.
  • Listening skills – learning to communicate so that we can understand not just so we respond.

Perfection – There is no such thing as perfection. However, one can achieve a new level of competency in speech. Learning new skills that we can take forward and continue to develop and grow as  a person is key. Learning to love how we sound and be confident in our own skin or voice always makes a strong and memorable impression on others.


  • Courses are suitable for adults of all levels who seek to improve their overall speech and to become more confident public speakers.
  • Courses on offer €200.00 for two hour one to one session with training manual and follow up call or skype call. 
  • One to one – six-hour course.
  • May be taken in blocks of two or three hours or as a half day course.
  • Includes training manual and follow up call/skype call. 
  • All courses by appointment only. Course fees must be paid in advance of course.

In house training – Public Speaking

Elocution is the art of fine tuning our speech focusing on core elements of speech to improve articulation and enunciation. Our course focuses on breath, control, posture and presentation. Eloquence’s course is suitable for adults who wish to focus on improving their vocal abilities for public speaking, presentations and general everyday speech. The overall aim is to develop core transferable skills which will assist you in preparation for public speaking. 

S.M.P.P – Focuses on four key areas, speech, movement, presentation and perfection. 

Option One – S.M.P.P In house training €1,800

  • Duration – Up to one day
  • Suitable for five participants
  • Location Client venue 

Option Two- S.M.P.P In house training €3,600

  • Duration One day
  • Suitable for ten participants
  • Location Client venue