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Speech & Drama

Junior Speech & Drama for children aged between five to eight years.

In our junior speech & drama classes we use drama activities, role play and drama games to explore many areas of speech, language, and drama. Through rhymes, songs and short poems students learn how to communicate clearly and effectively. Through our educational drama children will explore different techniques which are important for performance, they will also learn how to express themselves through language and movement. Speech & Drama helps to build and improve self- confidence, empathy and imagination through fun learning.


Intermediate & Senior Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama for children aged nine to teens.

Intermediate Speech & Drama classes continue the excellent work started in a junior drama classroom. However, the classes are very accessible for new drama students. In these classes we start to explore text through monologues and poetry. And drama students begin to focus on drama performance for stage and screen by exploring and building characters through improvisation and scene studies.

Students continue to develop their ensemble skills and are encouraged to challenge themselves more. The classes continue to work on improving speech, movement, and posture as we believe this is of enormous benefit to the students in their everyday lives. Many of these additional elements of drama are explored through drama games and drama activities.

Senior Drama classes focus more on the individual as an actor; however, ensemble work still plays a large part in exploration. Through drama activities, games and improvisation students learn to work alone and within the group. Senior students are expected to really develop characters and to study texts, plays and poems in an in-depth manner.

Senior students also develop strong communication skills and presentation skills. We explore the specific techniques of drama practitioners, and we continue to work on improving speech, movement and posture, which we believe are essential for our students in the way they communicate in life. Students take personal responsibility for rising to the challenges offered, whilst always being encouraging of others.

Pre-School Drama

Preschool Drama Classes are suitable for young children of preschool going age, which is from three to five years.

Pre-School students are introduced to the basic principles of drama through fun games, activities, and drama role play. These classes help to develop concentration, social awareness, and good communication skills. In addition to this, young children also build self- confidence and develop their imagination.