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Creative Director

Geraldine Kieran

Speech & Drama, Acting, Musical Theatre, Elocution Teacher and Creative Director

Geraldine Kieran holds a BA (Hons) degree in Applied Cultural resource studies. An associate diploma & Licentiate diploma from Leinster School of Music & Drama and Trinity Guildhall. Geraldine has more than a decade’s experience of teaching drama, as a drama facilitator and creative director. 


In addition to this, Geraldine has scripted many plays for theatre and radio. Ms Kieran is a broadcast producer and theatre producer. Over the past decade GSD School of Drama has created  original theatre for children and young people. GSD School of Drama specializes in speech & drama exams through Leinster School, and the development of ‘page to stage’ projects and creative modern theatre for children.


Our Story

Geraldine’s School of Speech & Drama was founded twelve years ago in 2007, by Geraldine Kieran. The school started in the Redeemer community centre with ten pupils. We provided traditional speech & drama classes for children. From there the courses and numbers grew – before the downturn the school was providing drama facilitation for three primary schools, a secondary school with over sixty private students in attendance. Following a gap of eighteen months we resumed classes and since 2013, the school re-established itself as an award-winning drama school. Our students receive first class honours across the board. Last year at annual Feis events we won five medals and three highly commended titles.Over the past twelve years the school has produced fifteen theatre productions, and two BAI funded radio dramas. Students have participated in Rte junior programs and many have auditioned for film and television roles.



Our biggest success stories are the students who go on to not perform on the theatre stage but those who are future junior politicians, public speakers and physiologists. (to name just a few roles) We are very proud of our drama students who pursue the stage with students studying in Trinity and further afield.



“Speech & drama, creative drama and communication are key soft skills. The development of critical thinking, the ability to listen and communicate are life skills that students develop through drama classes. The creative aspect of drama enables children to be open, free and expressive. Drama opens to the door to a world of your own creation.”  Ms Kieran

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