Speech & Drama

The benefits for children attending speech & drama are immense. Students of drama develop a skillset and drama toolkit which will be of benefit to them for life.

Drama classes are great fun, students develop an awareness of performance. They learn to work with others as part of a team.

Through poetry, drama scenes and short plays children are introduced to literature, critical thinking and encouraged to develop their own creativity.


  • The speech element of drama classes helps to raise awareness of the importance of good speech.
  • Students learn to develop good communications skills, build confidence, clarity and learn to enunciate properly.
  • Drama classes are unique in the fact that we encourage all around self-development.
  • Drama students learn to move through mime and movement activities.
  • Build self confidence and critical thinking through theatre games and activities.
  • Children get to make friends and are encouraged to develop creativity through different theatre projects.
  • Drama classes are safe, creative fun spaces for children to come, learn and grow.


GSD School of Drama

Speech & Drama Classes (currently online)

Speech & Drama classes for all age groups.

All classes online via Zoom.

40.00 for 4 week course


Wednesdays:  Juniors 4pm.

                             Intermediate Drama 5pm.

Saturdays:       Juniors 10 am.

                             Seniors 11 am.

                             Senior Advanced  12:30pm



(Please note classes in venues will not commence until current Covid government restrictions are lifted)